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PRACTICE COURSE (SB 1495 Compliant)

Required course of Real Estate Practice (SB 1495 Compliant)

  • For each course you will receive an eBook^, online exam, and certificate of completion.  

  • All courses allow self-paced studying that is NOT timed online!  Students are eligible to complete each course in a minimum of 18 days and maximum of one year (DRE Regulation).  For example, three courses could be completed in a minimum time period of 54 days (3 courses x 18 days each).  Each course requires the student to pass an online 100 question multiple choice final exam with a score of 60% or higher.  All exams are open-book and have a time limit of three hours.  For additional information regarding course descriptions, structuring, etc., please click here.

  • For the special $25 price, it is ONLY FOR EXISTING ACCREDITED STUDENTS!  You will be verified that you were an Accredited student who previously completed Real Estate Practice with us to receive the special price.


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