Bryan Church has been a real estate broker since 1988 and sold/exchanged many properties: including single-family homes, apartment buildings, commercial leased investments, and parcels of land. Clients have included individuals, partnerships, corporations, Real Estate Investment Trusts, the Federal Bankruptcy Court (asset dispositions), and Foreign Investment Groups. He also has been a custom home builder and developer.  He holds both a B.S. Degree, as well as an MBA; and completed a one year course in substantive law.  He has a Community College Teaching Credential, valid for life and has taught real estate courses at several California community colleges.  In addition to his community college teaching experience, he has taught many undergraduate and graduate-level real estate and marketing courses at Golden Gate University, leaving in 1998 with the rank of Adjunct Associate Professor.  He has been Director of Education for Accredited Real Estate Schools, Inc. since 1995.


Our instructors, Don and Judi Belanger, bring a vast background of knowledge and first-hand experience to share with the students looking to obtain their real estate license.  They have been real estate brokers for over 30 years.  Don and Judi have experience in residential and commercial sales, leasing and land sales, and have built homes.  They each have numerous Top Sales awards in resale and new home sales.  They have owned and managed real estate companies and written and taught sales training programs.  Don and Judi have B.S. Degrees.  Judi holds a Community College Teaching Credential which is valid for life.    Both have earned various professional designations, such as Graduate Realtors Institute (GRI) and Real Estate Certificate Institute (RECI) through the National Association of Realtors.  

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