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Does History Repeat Itself?

After taking the holidays off, I'm back and ready to head into 2015. I have come up with the following list of requirements that are needed to get the U.S. back on track in 2015:

1. No more attacks upon the safeguards of free men. Independent Congress and Independent Courts.

2. Restore common and intellectual morals in government.

3. Abandon the scarcity economy and go for production, work, and thrift.

4. Stop spending, creating inflation, and pump priming.

5. Revise the tax code to free up initiative and enterprise in men. There is capital available but men will not invest it when taxes discourage investment. Rather than swimming upstream, they don't enter the river--period.

6. Reduce welfare expenditures coming from Washington DC by decentralizing it to the states and local governments and have them pay 5% to 10% of the costs. This will result in being more sympathetic to the needy and stops the federal government from buying votes with welfare entitlements. Restores confidence in the federal government as well.

7. Balance the budget by: (A) reducing pump priming (B) federal government saving money on welfare expenditures (state and local governments pay part of it) (C) savings resulting from reduced expenses on other areas

8. Stop credit inflation juggling. Make currency convertible into gold bullion at an irreparable rate of $.59 per dollar. Repeal all government authority for currency inflation.

9. Set up a court of 25 responsible non-political men representing business, labor, and agriculture to direct the Federal Reserve policies and take control of credit out of the hands of the politicians. (Chairman of the FED taking orders from the politicians? How about from the 8 banking families that own most of the central banks throughout the world. They are using the International Bank For Settlements and International Monetary Fund to push for a "new world order" where international bodies govern the entire world.

10. Stop indiscriminate defamations of business and the creation of class hate. Use the courts for the purpose it was designed for: criminal prosecutions.

This list was presented by former President Herbert Hoover in 1938 to explain the causes of the Great Depression. So, history does repeat itself.

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