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Students are allowed a maximum time period of one year from enrollment to complete their course(s).  After one year, the course(s) expires and becomes inaccessible.  However, we offer our students the ability to extend each course for an additional six months at a fee of $25 per course extension [e.g., to extend Principles, Practice, and Property Management, it would be $75 (3 courses x $25 each)].  Select the number of courses you wish to extend.  Also, please list the name you enrolled with originally, so we can match your order with your file.  

Pre-Licensing Courses


Course extensions are non-refundable. Confirmation of the course extension(s) will be emailed during open business hours.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact one of our friendly representatives!  Please note: If student is not within their extension time period, the purchase will be VOID.

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