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This course includes an online textbook in a downloadable PDF format with online testing and certificate of completion for the following courses:

  • 28 Hours of Consumer Protection (Real Estate Update & The Next Level of Real Estate Version II)

  • 12 Hours (3 Hours Each: Agency, Ethics, Trust Fund Handling, and Risk Management)

  • 3 Hours of Management and Supervision (except first time salesperson renewals)

  • 5 Hours of Fair Housing and Implicit Bias: DRE has implemented new legislation for 2023 license expiration renewals. We have partnered with First Tuesday (DRE Sponsor #0473) regarding these changes.  Students will complete most of their continuing education through us at Accredited Real Estate Schools, Inc. and the two new courses will be provided by First Tuesday.  The new courses are Implicit Bias (2 hours) and Fair Housing with interactive participatory component (3 hours)^.  

You will only pay and enroll with us at Accredited and we will provide all login information for both programs!​


All studying is self-paced and not timed online.  Students are eligible to complete in a minimum time period of six (or seven) days, which includes two days of studying at your own pace without being timed online, complete online quizzes, and four or five days of online testing! Best of all, students have a year from enrollment to complete.  

45 Hour Renewal (PDF) - Ignore Shipping Method

Refund Policy: Unconditional money-back guarantee on home study courses if returned unused within 7 days from enrollment date, less the $25 enrollment fee and any shipping charges if applicable. By checking out, you agree to Accredited Real Estate Schools, Inc. examination procedures and refund policy. Please allow one to two (1-2) open business days for processing. However, your enrollment date will be the date of purchase.
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