1. Read Exam Procedures and click “Click Here to Login to the Test Site.”  

2. A logon prompt will appear where you will enter your User ID and Password.    

3. You will see three tabs: My Profile, My Tests, & My Quizzes. 
         a. My Profile: Verify that your information is correct. Update if necessary and click on “Update Profile.” 
         b. My Quizzes: There will be a list of quizzes that must be completed before testing if you are a continuing education student. Statutory course students do not have quizzes online as their quizzes are in the book. To begin quizzing, select the quiz you want to take and click “Start Test.” Once a new window appears, click “Start Test Now.” Quizzes can be completed after each logical unit of instruction. Note: Pop-Up Blockers MUST be disabled. To temporarily disable them, click and hold the control key on your keyboard while clicking on “Start Test.” 
         c. My Tests: Click on the exam you want to take and repeat instructions just like the quizzes. Remember that pop-up blockers must be disabled. Note: Questions can be skipped and returned to later.  Also, when “Start Test Now” has been pressed, the exam will begin immediately. Once the exam is completed, check the unanswered questions box to return to any unanswered questions.  Click on the “Finished Flag” on the bottom right corner to submit the exam.  After completing the exam, you may see your exam score. 

A continuing education student will be limited to completion of final examinations for a maximum of fifteen (15) credit hours during any one 24-hour period. Any other examinations taken more than once a day will be void.


Please note: When you start an exam you must complete it. Exams are timed and you will see the time sequence counting backwards. When exam time has expired, your exam will end and automatically submit the results to our database. Exams are NOT downloadable or printable per California Department of Real Estate. If you are “Kicked off” your internet connection during the exam, you may re-logon immediately and continue the exam. The timer will continue to tick.  


Before logging into the test site make sure to disable your pop-up blockers.  Click here for information on disabling pop up blockers.


ATTENTION: If you get kicked off the testing site due to a disconnect or server error, close the page and re-login into the test site. The exam will resume where you left off. Be sure to login immediately because it will continue to time you even when logged out.


All final examinations are multiple choice and open-book. A minimum of 70% is required to pass the final examination for each course.  If the student does not pass the exam on the first try, he or she can make a second attempt at no additional cost.

30 Hour Real Estate Update

Part 1 — 35 Questions/35 Minutes

Part 2 — 35 Questions/35 Minutes


Agency, Ethics, Trust Fund, Fair Housing, and Risk Management

Part 3 — 75 Questions/75 Minutes

Management and Supervision

(not applicable to first time Salesperson Renewals)

Part 4 - 15 Questions/15 Minutes


All final examinations are 100 multiple choice questions, open-book, and require a minimum of 60% to pass. The student has 3 hours to complete the final examination.  If the student does not pass the exam on the first try, he or she can make a second attempt at no additional cost.  Please note that it may take up to two open business hours for a failed final examination to be reset.


When finished reading examination procedures, please click the link below to access the login page. By clicking the below link, you agree to follow all examination procedures set forth by the California Department of Real Estate. 

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