ONLY Need the Fair Housing Course?

Fair Housing (3 Hour) — DRE #4183


Self-paced studying that is NOT timed online!  

Students are eligible to complete in a minimum time period of two days, which includes one day of studying at your own pace without being timed online, complete online quizzes, and one day online testing!^ Best of all, students have a year from enrollment to complete.  Read the text in PDF format and take your quizzes and final examination over the internet.  


PDF = $25






Read the General Information Page, select the package below fill in the required fields, press "add to cart," and proceed through the checkout process.  The PDF option includes the online examination and certificate of completion. 


^Quizzes and final examinations are timed and taken online. After designated waiting period and completion of all quizzes, one exam per 24 hours may be taken, any other exams taken more than once a day will be void.


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