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State Exam Preparation

The Work Smarter, Not Harder Method


Our qualified instructors teach students exactly what to know and how to know it to pass the exam on the first try!  Thus, our exam preparation video, live classes, and workbook are categorized into seven conceptual areas - just like the state exam.  We teach the material in a logical and meaningful format so students are able to make the differentiation between terms and concepts.   By doing so, students retain the necessary information and pass the state exam on their first try!

Live 8 Night State Exam Preparation Class

  • Eight Nights of Live State Exam Preparation Instruction with live classroom lectures from the most qualified instructors in the industry.

  • Interactive workbook to fill out with the instructor during class

  • Exam Preparation Practice Question Online Program containing over 3,650 fully-explained practice questions. You will have access to the constantly updated online program of practice questions for one year!

Live 8 Night Exam Preparation Only (no courses): $299

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Live One Day Crash Course

Accredited offers a One Day Crash Course with Judi Belanger at our location in Fair Oaks to help you review before your state exam. Please order below or call 916-966-9300 to reserve a seat! 

2021 Schedule: March 6 and April 17.

Cost: $100

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