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Live 8 Night State Exam Preparation with Home Study Courses - $399

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Designed for students who need the course requirements to be eligible to take the state exam and who also want live classroom preparation to pass the state exam.  This package includes:

  1. Required courses of Real Estate Principles, Practice, and an Elective 

    • For each course you will receive a textbook, online exam, and certificate of completion.  Please note that the course of Real Estate Practice is provided only as an eBook. 

    • Also, some previously completed college classes (e.g., Accounting, Business Law, or Economics) may count toward your elective course requirement.  If you have already completed the elective requirement, select "Already completed the third course elective" from the drop down menu during the check-out process and the price will update.   

    • Please note: the home study courses can be completed in a minimum time frame of 54 days from enrollment (3 courses x 18 days each), but you would only be coming to our location for a set eight nights for exam preparation.  For additional information regarding course descriptions, structuring, etc., please click here.

  2. State Exam Preparation:

    • Eight Nights of Live State Exam Preparation Instruction with live classroom lectures from the most qualified instructors in the industry.

    • Interactive workbook to fill out with the instructor during class

    • Exam Preparation Practice Question Online Program containing over 3,650 fully-explained practice questions. You will have access to the constantly updated online program of practice questions for one year!


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Class schedules subject to change without notice.

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